Posted: 12 января, 2016 in Исторические факты, Литература (PDF файлы)

More than a million of us died! What’s the difference if twenty-five of you die?
—Zohrab Sarkissian and Levon Ekmekjian, as they carried out the 7 August 1982 massacre at Ankara’s Esenboga Airport

Download: "Armenian Terrorism" PDF file size 3,58 mb

Download: «Armenian Terrorism» PDF file size 3,58 mb

It wasn’t enough.
—Levon Ekmekjian, when told that seven persons, including an American woman, had died and seventy-two others had been wounded in the attack

Seemingly out of nowhere and apparently without warning, Armenian terrorist groups arose in the mid-1970s to join the ranks of the numerous other groups around the world at that time carrying out attacks on their professed adversaries. One after another, explosive devices fashioned by members of Armenian groups were detonated, killing and maiming innocent bystanders to gain attention for «Hay Tahd,» «the Armenian Cause.» Time after time, a gunman stepped up to an automobile and fired round after round into his Turkish target, until over two dozen Turkish diplomats, family members, and associates had died. In addition to the attacks themselves, communiques issued after each attack, favorable newspaper articles in the Armenian ethnic press, other media coverage, press conferences, and even an Armenianlanguage radio program in Beirut all served to portray a widespread, deeply rooted anti-Turkish movement with thousands upon thousands of members. In the name of that self-professed «movement,» well in excess of 200 attacks were carried out in 23 countries on four continents.

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